mymerchant - pdcwhg

MY MERCHANT branding & identity creation is an e commerce brand that is revolutionising the way that builders, tradies and DIYers procure their building materials. They are doing this by re-engineering and automating the construction supplies sales & distribution channel. The benefit to the end user is that it saves a lot of time as it eliminates driving and sitting in traffic to get building supplies. It also eliminates wandering around a building supplies warehouse sourcing product.

We have incorporated the icons developed as part of the value proposition (order,
track, deliver) into the business cards as this is core messaging to the brand.

The Challenge

Creation of a new visual identity for an up and coming nationwide ecommerce brand. This involved distilling the offering into simple, easy to understand benefits that we communicated through the tagline and secondary messaging. The visual identity needed to be down-to-earth and uncomplicated. We needed to take into account that the logo would be applied to a wide variety of print and electronic marketing materials. This meant our solution needed to flexible and scalable across all brand touch points.

Carpenters Pencils

The logo was designed to be versatile for use over different mediums and light and dark backgrounds.

The website placement on the pencils was a key part of this design - as the pencil is sharpened smaller the website will remain visible to the user.

The Result

The branding has played a great role in helping the mymerchant partners to secure high profile investors to fund the roll out of this innovative offering. The wheels are in motion and variety of milestones are being realised.