Wholy Moo branding & identity creation 
Wholy Moo milk comes from cows located on a diary farm in Northland. The owners take great pride in farming using organic practices and go to great lengths to ensure their animal husbandry is second to none, ensuring healthy, happy cows who are top producers. The owners came to us with the idea that they would supply their raw 
unpasteurised milk directly to consumers. 

Unpasturised milk is full of vitamins, beneficial bacteria and calcium. It is 
considered a hole food and you could live on it solely if you had to. When milk goes through the pasturisation process the goodness is stripped from the milk. Calcium is added back in but the enzymes our bodies need to absorb the calcium properly get removed during pasturisation



Visual Identity, 
Design for Vehicle Signwriting 

Project date :16 Oct 2015


The Challenge

 The challenge was to come up with a solution that was a modern take on vintage labeling, would look great on glass bottles and appeal to the sense of nostalgia much of the target market harbor. Our solution also needed to personify the nutritional goodness the product offers and have a playfulness to further connect with target markets.


The Solution

We came up with 3 possible naming options, 4 quite different logo styles and applied several tag lines and other messaging to each logo concept. We then tested this and other aspects of the brand out with the target market. The results from this helped us to ascertain exactly how the brand needed to be positioned to win hearts and gain a loyal customer base.  

“Wholy Moo” was the preferred name. The name is playful and makes people smile. The word Wholy is a play on words with its 
double meaning; The first in the sense of being pure. The second is around the milk being a whole food. The winning tag line was “Straight from the cow direct to you” and other key messaging favoured was “100% unmodified unpasteurised honest to goodness milk”.

We developed a short story to help create a feel good factor associated with brand and build further on the loyalty. Work also included logo creation, copy writing and establishing a unique look and feel for the brand through careful font selection, colour schemes and imagery. We then applied this to print media and digital media.

The Result

Very happy clients who are experiencing sales that are beyond expectations! We have subsequently developed a campaign for the Hibiscus Coast region which has been a huge success.  An unexpected bonus is that 
consumers of the product are starting to call the product by its name instead of just calling it milk. For example “can you please pour me a glass of Wholy Moo” as opposed to “can you please pour me a glass of milk.