2021 Digital Marketing Trends

October 22, 2021
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I am sure many of us were happy to say goodbye to 2020 and good riddance! Businesses around the world were all impacted by the global pandemic – from that we have researched and predicted what to expect in digital marketing trends for 2021.

1.      Social Media Engagement

Business’ will need to put more emphasis and time into social media as the time people spend on social media has dramatically increased,including buying habit’s where consumers spend more time researching brands,services and products. Creating more engaging, thought led content to capture the attention of your audience can help increase exposure and retain customers.Social media allows you to reach a new audience and re-engage customers.

2.      Social Media Shopping

Instagram and Facebook are making it easier than ever for consumers to be able to go from discovery to purchase on the one platform,creating a smooth customer journey. With the increase in ‘social commerce’ retail businesses should jump on this bandwagon as another opportunity to increase sales and exposure.

3.      Interactive Content Marketing

Creating interactive content for your website or social media is an awesome way to provide value, for example if you are a real estate agent and you provide a mortgage calculator not only can you provide the customer with a benefit but you can track what numbers are being input,therefore being able to learn more about your customer. The interactive content marketing can also include games, polls, quizzes, interactive video, surveys and contests.    

 4.      Virtual events & interaction  

The pandemic has shown us out of necessity that there are more ways in which we can interact with customers and other businesses. It has also opened up new opportunities where virtual events have created whole new audience with high ROI compared to in-person events. Virtual events will continue to be popular; you can drive engagement by getting creative with content, having great speakers and making them fun.

 Are you ready for 2021?

The unpredictability of 2020 has pushed brands to thinkoutside the box when connecting with their customers. We will see these trends continue and develop over the next 12 months.


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