Converting your website traffic to leads

October 22, 2021
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Getting traffic to your site is great but what percent of that visiting traffic actually converts into a lead or a sale? You only have seconds to get people’s attention before they decide to go elsewhere. So it is important that you optimise your site to capture your visitor’s attention. You also need to make it easy and enticing for them to do business with you. We have rustled up 5 things you can do to improve your site and help turn traffic to leads.

Make your value proposition really clear

What do you do that your target market really values? What problem do you solve for them or how do you improve their situation?  And how is it different from your competitors?

Your value proposition should communicate how your offering helps, what the specific benefits are and why your target markets should buy from you.  As a guideline, start with a strong headline that describes the benefits of your offering and follow this with a short explanation of what you offer, who you offer it to and why. You could also bullet the benefits.  

Use strong typography and imagery to help visually communicate your message.  You could also include video to show the benefit’s in a real life example or to explain the benefit of a more complicated offering.

Add a chat now button on your site

This allows you to personally connect with your target markets in real time. A fast response equates to a higher level of satisfaction and impacts the likelyhood of conversation. Sending an email via a contact form and getting a response 24hrs later can be frustrating. As can calling and being made to listen to a bunch of options before you get through to someone.

A chat now function helps to overcome objections or answer questions instantly. From the customers perspective it also feels more about helping them and being there for them than an email form.

Use images of people on your home page or landing pages

Putting authentic images of real people from you’re your team can impact conversions. It instantly humanises your business and gives the brand more personality. Studies show that it can also increase trust and engagement.  

Using an image of a smiling happy customer can also increase trust and engagement. Especially if you outline why the customer is so satisfied and what you did to address their points of pain.  

Call to actions

Make your call to actions more appealing through word choice. If you want visitors to sign up to something do not use the words ‘sign up’. Instead try using more descriptive language or words that evoke a feel good factor such as ‘Count me in, ‘Join our community, ‘Discover what’s next’, ‘I want what the others are having’. These examples are a softer, more personable approach that will help with conversions.

There are many other things that can be done to improve your website and ensure it is converting traffic to leads. If you would like to chat to us about your website make a time here.


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