Facebook Ads & Apple iOS14 changes

October 22, 2021
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Apple’s updated iOS14 has come to fruition. The impact that the changes have on business Facebook advertising efforts could become a speed bump.

We have pulled the important need to know bits out and will explain what it could mean for your business and how you can prepare for the coming change.

So what exactly does the new iOS14 policy entail?

 There are three main points I will mention to summarise what will be changed with the new iOS14 update before we get into how Facebook Ads will be affected.

 1.       New rules for App Owners & Developers

 All apps will now need to submit how their application collects and utilises data from its users. App owners and developers must upload this informational clause to the Apple App Store Connect. 


2.       Tracking Transparency Prompts

All applications utilising the Apple App store are required by the new policy to ask users for permission to track their data across third-party apps and websites. The tracking transparency prompt will appear to the user and give them the ability to accept or decline the tracking of their data, as shown below.

Image of tracking transparency prompt

3.       Tracking via App/Browser APIs

Facebook and other platforms will now be required to utilise a new framework that places restrictions and could delay event reporting. The previously instantaneous reporting for App Conversion Campaigns could now be delayed up to three days.


What affects Apple iOS have on Facebook & Instagram Ads

What does this really mean for advertisers? Below are the changes that will have the biggest affect:

Tracking Pixel Actions from Facebook ads. Any tracking such as leads, add to cart, purchases, custom conversions, etc. with the Pixel will now be under- reported due to people opting out of tracking.

Optimising your Ads for these actions. Because the pixel isn’t learning as well, the ads possibly won’t be optimised as well to people who are taking the actions.

Retargeting ads. When you create a retargeting audience, anyone who visited your website from an iOS14 device won’t see your retargeted ad.

Building Audiences. Because we won’t have data on who visited your site from iOS devices, they will not go into a retargeting or lookalike audiences.

It is also important to note that ALL advertisers are going to be affected– Pinterest, LinkedIn, Snap Chat, Tik Tok, YouTube, and Google.

You still will be able to get leads and sales and actions from iOS 14 devices, you just won’t be able to TRACK or optimise aswell for those actions.

Ad Objectives that will be affected

Traffic Ads that are optimised around Landing Page Views (use the Pixel).  If you are optimising around Link Clicks, your ads will not be affected.

Conversion Ads that are optimised around Standard Events or Custom Conversions

App Installs when targeting iOS

Catalog sales when they go to your website. Facebook Shops and Instagram Shopping that stay on the platform will still track, which shows the importance of loading shop functionality on the platform if you have products.

If you are tracking any Pixel activity with the other objectives, then that will also be affected. The other objectives, in particular Lead Generation, all happen ON Facebook so that activity will still be tracked and reported correctly

How to prepare your Facebook Ads for the Apple iOS 14 update

1.      Get your Domain Verified. Facebook now considers this important. Let us know if you would like us to get this sorted for you or you can do it yourself with the instructions here

2.      Start understanding how many purchases/leads and other events are from iOS devices (use the Breakdown reports), Then you can see how your reporting might be impacted.

3.      Choose which Conversion Events you will use if you have more than 8.  This includes Add to Cart, Purchase, Lead, Complete Registration and any custom conversions you have set up.

4.      Focus your ad efforts on getting email addresses so that you can rely less on Pixel optimisation for retargeting.


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