Tips to benefit your business online during Covid-19

October 22, 2021
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Most people are turning to the internet for all sorts of reasons like entertainment, connection with the world, online shopping, researching products and services and catching up with friends or colleagues. This presents an opportunity for many businesses to offer their services in a different way.

For many businesses’ customers will not be purchasing right now. However, with people being stuck at home and spending so much time online this presents a unique opportunity to offer services in a different way. It is also an opportunity to utilise the situation to connect with your target markets, keep them informed and let them know you care while you have a captive audience.  

This is also a chance to think about the coming months and what you can do to up the anti and be better positioned to make up for any loss in revenue.  

We have pulled together some tips to help you ensure your website ticks all the boxes and is looking and functioning at its absolute best:

Think of your website as your shop window.

Ensure when a potential customer lands on your website they can instantly see what makes your offering different and better than others? If they have to hunt or work to find information they generally won’t bother. This website we created is a good example of communicating the business offering quickly and simply. Check out Maggie Eyres website

Change the way you package your offering

Could you offer your service virtually instead of in person like Brooke Neal has done on her website Could you re-package a service or offering in a way that will be much more appealing and beneficial? Instead of offering a one-off service could you offer a subscription? Could you pair items or services and offer an attractive package? Do you have a time of the year or day when your sales drop and if so, what incentive could you offer to increase sales during the quieter times?

Tell compelling stories about how you helped

Add case studies to demonstrate how your offering has helped or benefited a client? Case studies can be a powerful tool to really hone in on the amazing things you do especially if you outline what the customers point of pain was, how you addressed this, and how this helped the customer.

Simplify the way you communicate your offering

If your offering involves a lot of steps you could communicate a simplified process to outline how you can help. Like Ambience Architecture have done on their website. You could do this with simple high-level steps and graphics to show the process. You could also add video to help explain the simple steps.

Work out what you want your website to achieve

It is a good idea to consider the purpose of your website and what you want it to do for your business. Do you want visitors to take a certain action? If so, does it have strong call to action (CTA) to encourage visitors to take that action? This website we created has four CTA examples on the home page.

Consider what your images say about your offering

Do your images paint a positive picture of your brand and the quality of what you offer? Images are so important as they communicate a lot about your brand in just seconds. Make sure your images are authentic (or at least look authentic). People want to deal with people and so are drawn to images that are real. We see this all the time with our digital marketing; when we post an image of our team doing something it gets nearly 3 times the hits than other images. Farrell Concrete Grinding and Polishing uses images to show case the finished result of their work. See the final product on their website

Keep your customers up to date.

If you are still operating form home does your website communicate this? Does it state what sort of things you can help customers with during the COVID-19 lock down? Are you able to provide services for essential services and if so do you communicate this on your website. There are a lot of grey areas around what services can be provide essential services so it could be a good idea to list exactly which services you can offer.

If you'd like to discuss any of these aspects of your website, we'd love to talk to you about how we can help. Contact us


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