Modern pest management demands modern branding

Auckland Pest Management

June 10, 2022
Branding + Website + Print + Vehicle Signage
Auckland Pest Management

Modern pest management is essential to any home or business, the highly trained technicians will keep even the most stubborn pests at bay. Their expertise and products are ultra-modern and effective, as well as being safe for your family, pets and the environment.

They provide a top notch service by delivering fast and effective results; with a qualified team trained to solve your pest problem. Their focus is modern, up-to-date pest control, without cutting corners, using the latest technology and expertise to deliver successful results.


After several years working in the pest control industry, Mitchell branched out and created his own company. He came to PDC for help on how to get started, he needed new branding, a website and business cards. He was after a modern professional brand to hit the ground running in Auckland.  


PDC created a brand that would appeal to his target market—a sleek, minimal design. We designed a website that was professional and functional, with an easy-to-navigate menu and plenty of room to showcase the custom website photography shot by PDC.

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"PDC Creative designed the branding and website for my business, Auckland Pest Management. Throughout my experience working with them they have been exceptionally professional, diligent and responsive. Their skill in both website and brand design has been beyond my expectations, with a level of detail that's been unmatched. They have a talent for creating modern, unique, eye-catching designs that few design companies possess; creativity that can't necessarily be taught.

Their true skill for design and their brand-creating abilities was shown when designing Auckland Pest Management's logos. Lari took the time and effort to gauge what I had in mind through back and forth emails and in-person chats. Even the first drafts were exceptional, and quickly she was able to narrow down the vision - and then go far, far beyond that. The end product speaks for itself with its distinct style, authenticity, and just outright cool look!

In designing the website, Chris showed extreme talent in creating a cohesive, smooth and stylish web platform that has great ease-of-use. Chris was able to place the website within the framework of what a pest control company website should look like, but push those boundaries and make a website with a modern, up-to-date flair that a lot of other similar websites lack.

Further, PDC added value by doing a photoshoot session for Auckland Pest Management. The photo content taken from this shoot has lifted the brand to a new level. Added to the website, these photos have brought a local and engaged feeling to it that was essential for me. With these photos APM's social media and brand collateral is raised to a higher level of professionalism.

I've thoroughly enjoyed my time working with the team at PDC. They were always responsive to emails, and sitting down with them at the PDC office was always beneficial. They took a great amount of effort in understanding what my vision was, and were always open to my ideas or suggestions. Most importantly, they knew the steps needed to get the brand and website to that end goal, and delivered remarkably."

- Mitch Tunstall

Auckland Pest Management

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