Good Eggs

A new visual identify and website for Good Eggs

Aug 2000

Branding + Packaging
Good Eggs

Good Eggs is a free range egg farm, based in the rural village of Poroti. The welfare of the hens is paramount to the owners and so the farm has been planned and designed for the ultimate in hen health and wellbeing.  The hens have top of the range hen housing with natural light and plenty of room, along with secure fencing and the freedom to forage around the farm as they please.

Our brief was to develop a visual identity that creates a ‘feel good’ factor when people come in contact with the brand.  Our solution also needed to communicate the ethical farming practices that are strongly backed and upheld by the owners.

We developed a range of logo concepts and tested these on the target market to check they had the desired result.  The chosen logo has a hand crafted feel, which is a perfect alignment given the back to basics, hands on farming approach taken by the owners.  It also has 2 little hearts which are suggestive of the care given to the hens as well as helping to reinforce the message of ‘Goodness’.

We came up with the tag line ‘Free Range Goodness’ which has a double meaning; Goodness regarding farming practices, and goodness in relation to taste and nutrition.  We also helped to come up with other key messaging as well as the packaging, loyalty cards, brochures, the website and more

Good Eggs