Rebrand and Website for


Nov 2016
Branding + Website + Video + Print

The Northland Kindergarten Association (NKA) has 25 wonderful kindergartens each with a unique character and feel that mirror the community and environment in which they are situated.

The centres encourage and provide the opportunity for parents and Whānau to be part of the experience that only kindergartens can provide for our children.


Northland Kindergarten Association asked us to create a new visual identity for their brand because their existing branding did not reflect their vision. They wanted to shorten their name to NKA and a solution that was bright, simple and memorable.

They were also after a digital marketing solution that would increase their brand presence and educate on the benefits of their kindergartens.


We used a font in the logo that looks like it’s almost moving and playful. The textures we have used give a tackle, hands on feel that is an integral part of play and learning.

PDC Creative created a website and video to better portray the kindergarten and their values. We focused on the incredible, enriching experiences, NKA provide for their pre-schoolers.

Pairing the above with a digital marketing campaign to showcase the new branding that reflects their values and individuality. This was achieved through paid Facebook marketing campaigns and retargeting Google Ads.