May 19, 2020

Need help with marketing that engages and produces results? You may be eligible for funding to help with this?

The Regional Business Partner (RBP) funding scheme provides business owners access to a subsidy towards training and coaching services.

The funding is a service available through the Regional Business Partner (RBP) Network to help business owners looking to grow. The funding scheme provides business owners access to a subsidy towards training and coaching services.. Find out more

And we are a registered provider for marketing and strategy services. Maybe you need an in-depth marketing strategy? Or perhaps assistance with aspects of your marketing such as a website that drives results, electronic newsletters that connect and sell products and services, targeted Facebook marketing or brand strategy. We can help and if you are eligible, 100% of the costs (up to $5000) will be covered.

To access funding your business must meet the following criteria:

· Have undergone an assessment with a Regional Partner (ie: Growth Advisor)

· Have fewer than 50 full time equivalent employees

· Be registered for GST in New Zealand

· Be operating in a commercial environment

· Be a privately owned business, or a Maori Trust or incorporation under the Te Ture Whenua Maori Act 1993, or similar organisation.

To receive a Capability Development Voucher, a business must be registered on the Regional Business Partner Network website  Before you register we suggest you touch base with us to talk through how we can help. Contact

OH and FYI - Vouchers can be used to help businesses build capability in the following areas: Business Planning, Business Systems, Business Sustainability, Capital Raising, Export, Finance, Governance, Lean Manufacturing/ Business Operations, Managing Resources and of course Marketing.

Feel free to contact us.

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