May 4, 2020

Funding for Marketing support and Digital enablement services.

New Zealand Trade & Enterprise have just announced they are now also 100% funding Marketing support and Digital enablement services.

This will mean you can get funding for help on the following...

Help on all things to do with websites:

   ·    Creating a new website
   ·    Creating an online shop
   ·    How to develop a site map
   ·    Improve user experience from a visual and functional perspective
   ·    Adding new website pages
   ·    Adding video
   ·    Creating strong Calls To Action (CTA) and conversation tactics
   ·    Adding a blog
   ·    Adding case studies
   ·    Improve Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
   ·    How to make sure your images look great

Creation of an electronic newsletter

·        Importing the database to create email campaigns
·        Track user engagement and results
·        Content strategy
·        Tips and tricks for making sure your newsletter always looks great
·        Creating strong calls to action and conversion tactics

Facebook marketing

   ·    How to come up with ideas for posts
   ·    How to create a content calendar
   ·    How to optimise your Facebook page
   ·    Targeted Facebook advertising

How to create an online survey. This can be used for so many things. Below are just a few ideas  

   ·    What sort of content clients want from you
   ·    What clients think your strengths are as well as areas for improvement
   ·    Which of your products and services clients value the most
   ·    Gain insights into what customers really want

Strategies gaining loyal repeat customers and customers referrals

Customer segmentation and profiling

Learn how to gain a greater understanding of your customers so that you ‘speak’ to the segments in a way that is appealing and compelling. The segmentation work will help to gain an understanding of where the target markets might frequent so that marketing/sales activities are happening at the right time and places.

If you want to chat about any of the above or anything else for the that matter - get in touch

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