Apr 14, 2020

COVID - 19 Update: We are still here for you if you need us.

Like everyone on planet Earth, we've been watching the reality of COVID–19. One thing is for sure - the times they are a-changing. One thing that has not changed - is that we are still here for you if you need us.

We are still fully up and running but just doing it from home so that we can provide you with whatever services or help you need from us.  We have a bunch of cool tools available to enable us to collaborate remotely within our team and also with you.

Over the coming months, businesses will become more reliant than ever on their digital strategy to stay connected with clients and attract new business.  This might be as simple as adding a chat bot to your website so your customers can communicate with you in real time or it might be website improvements to enable your customers to more easily do business online with you.  It could also be looking at various digital tools to help you get new customers such as targeted Facebook marketing. Or perhaps electronic newsletters to go out to your existing data base to stay connect to them. 

More people now than ever before are connected to and are searching the online word. Because of this it is important to ensure your website and other digital marketing provides the right information to promote key products in services. It is also important to ensure your marketing effects have strong, compelling messages and powerful images and graphics to convert leads to sales. 

Stay positive, healthy and most of all remember smiles are free.


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