August 6, 2019

Websites that get more clicks. More enquiries. More customers.

Have you got a website that is not converting to leads? Maybe your website is being out-ranked? Maybe… SHOCK, HORROR you don’t even have a website!

In today’s marketplace your website should be one of your most powerful marketing and sales tools.

Your customers are connected to the web 24/7 thanks to the smart phone revolution. They research businesses, products and services to help them make buying decisions. How your site looks, functions and communicates will help influence those buying decisions.

At the very least your website should provide information about your services, who your client’s are, who your team is and what makes your offerings so great.  A well designed site can help to ensure a feel good factor towards your brand and help you get new business enquiry.

Maybe a lead generating website with calls to action is what will work best for your business? A call to action (CTA) is a prompt that encourages target markets to takes a specified action. This type of site can help your business achieve specific goals such as generating new leads, positioning your brand as an expert or recruiting new staff. Some examples of CTA’s are ‘send me specials now’ button, or a ‘Join free for a month’, ‘subscribe and get a free xyz’, ‘Get a quote now and get 20% off’ The effectives of the CTA can be measured and changed if it is not achieving the desired result.

No matter what you want to achieve we offer affordable solutions for small start-ups through to solutions for much larger business.

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