Kensington Dental

Care, Advice, Well being

Kensington Dental

Care, Advice, Well being

A shiny new visual identify for a Kensington Dental that even the tooth fairy will love .

CARE is the centre of every customer interaction. It relates to both treatment and prevention for superior oral health. We conducted market research to validate this new positioning and found that the concept of care was indeed what most appealed to the target market when choosing an oral health provider.

To this end our solution needed to communicate a brightness, friendliness and warmth while ensuring it had a modern feel that reflected the brands leading edge approach services and technology. The KD management also wanted us to keep a dove in the new logo.  The tag line we came up with ‘Oral health for life’ and secondary messaging ‘Care  - Advice - Wellbeing’ relates to the holistic approach they take to care for and provide advice to their patients.  

We used blue as the main colour because it is a colour associated with the medical industry as well as trust and dependability. It is also the colour that appeals most to both males and females.  We used warm colours as the secondary colours to give the identity a vibrant, friendly, caring feel. The sort curving lines and warm colours also help to convey friendliness and warmth as does the rounded font. Kensington Dental have had lots of great feedback on their brands new identity about how bright, fresh and relevant it looks.

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What our client had to say...

The new branding has received hugely positive feedback from our patients, some of whom have been with us since the conception of the original branding, and feel the wonderfully fresh and modern look is greatly improved but still is familiar enough that it is easily associated with our practice.


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