Northable EQ

Equip, Enable, Empower

Northable EQ

Equip, Enable, Empower

A repositioning and rebrand for NorthAble that enables and empowers.

NorthAble Equipment Plus (EQ+) are Northland’s largest supplier of equipment and products to support people who may have a temporary or permanent impairment. They also specialise in providing free and informative equipment presentations and training to community groups and organisations, health groups and professionals and the wider sector. This includes providing In-home demonstrations with some of their products.

For the team at EQ+ the brand is so much more than equipment and disability information services. It’s about listening to their customers, finding solutions and providing an exceptional and caring service to empower clients.

The look and feel and the key messaging of the old brand did not reflect this and instead had a heavy focus on the equipment and disability. It was also dated and felt a bit drab and boarder line repressive.

We meet with the Manager of EQ+ and all agreed this needed to be flipped and the brand repositioned so that instead the focus was on empowerment.  

Dianne Stoppard a local photographer took photos of a mixed demographic of EQ+ clients with a variety of impairments out and about in Northland. This included a granddad in a wheel chair out fishing with his grandson off a wharf. Two elderly friends riding the whangarei loop on their mobility scooters, a young women in a wheel chair walking her dog at the Whangarei town basin.  

We came up with the tag line EQIP . ENABLE . EMPOWER to support the new positioning. We also introduced secondary words to the photos and graphical elements to further convey the brands new positioning. For example IDEPENDENCE and OUT & ABOUT

The supporting graphics convey a movement and energy to support the concept of being empowered to move and do more.

The building which is in a high profile location with lots of traffic was insipid looking and customers often commented to the EQ+ team that they had trouble finding it. We came up with a design that now means there is little chance of the building going unnoticed. We also achieved the same result with the design we came up with for the van.

We rolled this new look out accords EQ+’s electronic and print touch points and are now focused on building the new website and helping EQ+ with marketing advice and guidance on a monthly basis. This includes assisting them with electronic communications with customers as opposed to print mail outs.

Visit their website here

What our client had to say...

The team at pdc creative have been fantastic to work with. They have put together a complete marketing package including brochures, presentation folders, business cards, name badges, electronic letterhead and stationery, the design for our window blinds, signage design for our mobile van and a new website. Everything links to each other through the visual identity created. They have also provided some sound advice on where to place our marketing and advertising spend, and how to test and measure this. It has been an amazing experience working with such a dynamic team and we are so happy with the service provided that we are going to continue an ongoing long term relationship to support our marketing.


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