Brooke Neal

Its All About Balance

Brooke Neal

Its All About Balance

A new visual identify and website for Brooke Neal, NZ Hockey Player

We helped Brooke with a variety of marketing and branding solutions to launch her new business. As part of this project we worked with Brooke to help bring clarity and direction around what her offerings might be and how she could package them.

Brooke’s target market is ‘high achieving’ High School girls who will benefit from her practical, motivational tools on how to improve their mental, emotional and social wellbeing. It was important that the Brooke Neal Brand appealed to the girls but also to her other target markets which are the girl’s teachers, school principals and parents.

We established that there were two main things that resonated with the target markets in relation to Brooke and her offerings. The first was the soft, empathetic, mindful side of Brooke and the second was the highly motivated, successful, Go-Getter side. It was important that we were able to portray both sides to appeal to the target markets and capture heads and hearts. To achieve this we have used a mix of photography that captures both aspects. Her main logo is a mix of strong and personable: the font used in “Brooke Neal” is strong in contrast with her initials which is in a very friendly, hand scripted and personable font.  

The logo for her sub brand All About Balance is soft, feminine and has a gentleness. This was important because the girls need to associate the sub brand with a sense of trust. We also based this logo on the white lotus flower which is known in some cultures to symbolize Bodhi and represents a state of mental purity, and that of spiritual perfection. This meaning and story telling is something that really resonates with the girls and has a good alignment with what this sub brand offers. We did not feel that pinks or purples would be the best colours to show both sides of the brand as they can feel a little too feminine.  Instead we have used hues of blues and teals and applied gradients to add depth and visual interest.

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What our client had to say...

Feedback from my clients has been overwhelming, sharing that my new branding and website are very professional, authentic, personable, and aligns with my personality. I'm so happy with the outcome and couldn't give a higher recommendation for anyone considering rebranding or revamping. The communication with the team and constant support helped a lot, and I was able to make tiny adjustments until I was 100% happy. Nothing was too small of an issue!

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