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Clothing designs for cultural empowerment that are worn nationwide with pride.

The brief was for us to create a series of modern, minimal designs that incorporated influences from traditional Maori design and language. The focus was on empowering clothing that embodied the traditions and legacies of a strong and resilient culture. The clothing has been a huge hit with thousands of garments having been sold throughout the country. There are tamariki/children’s design and plans to create more designs.

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What our client had to say...

When we started our law firm Tukau Law, we also decided to start a charity called the Tukau Community and Clothing. The purpose of the clothing line is to empower our communities by making the Maori culture part of our everyday life. All funds raised from the clothing goes direct to the charity and it’s been a huge success. The team at printing.com have been amazing to work with! They took the concept and embodied everything that we asked for in strong design work. A testament to the quality of the design work is that we have sold thousands of garments in just one year. We are doing more work with the team and printing.com and there are exciting developments to come in the future for Tukau Legacy Community and Clothing.

Season-Mary Downs - Director, Tukau Law

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