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There are no "For Fox Sake" moments when you deal with Foxx.

Foxx Tyre’s was a start-up venture with big aspirations to fill a gap in the New Zealand market with a new tyre business model servicing the agricultural, commercial and forestry industries.

When Foxx tyres approached us they had an idea of what they wanted and our job was to build on that and bring it to life. We developed a new logo and look and feel for their brands new visual identity. The designs we have come up with have a rugged outdoorsy feel to resonate with the target markets. It is also very differentiated from any of their competition which was an important part of the solution we provided.

With a strong memorable look and feel for the new brand established we got to work applying it to a variety of mediums such as booklets, brochures, banners, business cards and signage. We also created a website that is easy to use and very easy for Foxx tyres to update the content. Foxx Tyres are now taking New Zealand by storm and are rolling their new offering out across New Zealand with great success.

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