A strong brand does not happen by luck. It takes facts, insights, imagination and collaboration.

A powerful, well-crafted brand will help you win more than your share of the market and business.  A strong strategy gives you something to compete on beyond product and price. It is your documented plan for brand success. It creates clarity, brilliant differentiation and a brand that is magnetic. It reflects the qualities of your brand and communicates powerful messages in the right way to appeal to target markets

Know your customer and your competitor

We will take an objective look at your business, your customers and your target markets. We then research your competitors on a local and national level to ascertain what your competitors are doing and not doing well. By scoping the landscape we are able to define where your brand sits currently in the market place and we can breakdown where the gaps are and nut out how you can fill them.

Developing compelling Messaging

Using all this intel, we can define what will appeal to your customer and cleverly construct messaging that reflects your brand's identity and enhances your appeal. It's crucial that this messaging is aligned with your brand positioning, and that it's magnetic while being unique to your business.

Creating the brands visual identity

A strong visual identity communicates what’s on offer, it stands out from the competition and ensures one brand is chosen over another. This is where the fun part begins and where our marketing, creatives and graphics experts collaborate to dream up and create visual ideas to represent the face and essence of your business.  This process involves exploring a variety of graphical elements and designs, trialing key colours, fonts, and photography. We then refine, test and tweak so that every element serves a purpose. And the end result is an identity that stands out, is differentiated and sticks is target markets minds.

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