Graphic Design

Creating logos, laying out adverts, magazines, brochures, or fixing up images in Photoshop are all part of graphic design. Yet they are only parts of what make up a much bigger picture. Graphic design is the profession of visual communication. It’s our job as designers to use design elements such as typography, colour, composition and a whole bunch of other aesthetics to convey a certain feeling, personality or style to engage, influence and appeal to target markets.

Give your brand a visual identity that communicates personality and positioning.

It can convey the brand as fun, upbeat and approachable or serious and competent. It can paint the picture of a service or product having a certain sophistication worth paying more for or a tough outdoorsy ruggedness that excites and resonates with a particular target market.

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What sort of things can we make look amazing with our drool worthy design?

  • Logo Design
  • Web design
  • Brand Asset design
  • Brochure design
  • Corporate Communications
  • Building and Vehicle Signage
  • Packaging Design
  • Sales Tools
  • Newsletters
  • In-store point of sale
  • Presentations
  • Annual reports
  • Diagrams
  • Point of Sale