We love transforming small start-ups through to larger well established businesses.

Our marketing and branding expertise ensures that brands portray the right messages and that these messages are relevant differentiated and appealing to target markets.

A marketing plan is the road map for how a brand is going to stand out and promote it’s self in the market place. A good marketing plan will address how a brand needs to be positioned in the market place for future growth. It will clarify customer needs, and how well those needs are being met. It will outline what differentiates a brand from the competition. With these things established a marketing and brand strategy can be developed to ensure a positioning that creates the right perception in the minds of customers. And that leads to sales and growth.

Once the fundamentals have been addressed the plan will include a mix of channels and tactics to promote to target markets. A strong digital strategy is an extremely important part of the marketing mix if you want to be turning up where you customers hang out online. This includes having a beautiful website that ranks well, drives leads and generates enquiry. It is also becoming increasingly important to ensure your social media initiatives are targeting and converting current markets and also infiltrating new markets.   Other tactics can often be a mix of environmental, print, networking and referral programmes.

Regardless of the tactic strong graphic design, emotive copy writing and photography all play a vital part in communicating the benefits of a brand and its products and services. We develop unique solutions that reflect the qualities of the brand so that it communicates powerful messages in the right way, at the right time, to the right people to attract customers.

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