Importance of Google reviews for your business

October 22, 2021
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Importance of Google reviews

Google is the world’s most popular search engine on the internet. With over 63,000 search queries every second, consumers rely on Google to help them find local businesses. A simple review can help make a huge difference in increasing your business visibility.

Below are 4 reasons why Google reviews are important to add to your marketing activities

1.       Search Engine Optimisation

Google tracks reviews and will rank businesses higher that have a large number of 5 star ratings as well as a large number of reviews, as this is seen as a business engaging with their customers. A good review can help push your business higher within the searches of your industry.  

2.       Positively influence potential customers

We all know that good ratings and reviews mean happy customers, having positive reviews helps gain trust and create a good first impression. 91% of consumers regularly and occasionally read Google reviews with84% of people trusting the online reviews. Consumers are relying more on previous customer experience to influence them.

3.       Improve click-through rates with your website

If your business has a high review rating, consumers are naturally more likely to click your website and see what your business is about increasing your visibility.

4.       Google rules the search engine world

92.47% of online searches go through Google, so chances are high someone is going to find you and your business through the world’s most prominent search engine. Optimising your reviews on the leading platform can help increase your businesses exposure.

How to increase your Google rating and reviews?

  1. Directly ask customers to review your business
  2. Hand out a business card, similar to the one in the image with all the details on how to review your business on Google. This can then be handed to every client with product you sell or services you complete. If you are an e-commerce business send one out with every parcel.
  3.  Set up automated emails to send to clients, encourage them to leave a review and provide them with a direct link to review your business.
  4. Respond to all reviews and if you receive a negative review address the issue, apologise and attempt to resolve issue privately.

Talk to our team at PDC Creative if you would like help implementing any of the above suggestions.



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