Online advertising, Business marketing and social media management in Whangarei

Unlock the full potential of your brand with PDC as your marketing partner. We’re here to make sure your business not only keeps up but takes the lead in our ever-evolving world.

Our specialty is strategy underlined with creativity to genuinely resonate with your audience and grow your reach: it’s this combination of ingenuity, expertise, and solid marketing strategy that sets PDC apart and enables our clients to succeed.

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to marketing, and we know your business is unique. We dive deep into your objectives and competitive landscape to tailor marketing strategies and plans that align seamlessly with your goals – forming marketing strategies that are as unique as your business.  

Whether it’s strengthening your market position, improving your competitive advantage, or breaking into new markets, PDC has the expertise to get you there.

Our strategies have resulted in a 600% increase in qualified leads, 130% increase in online bookings, 3600% increase in engagement and over 300% increase in revenues.

Your Outsourced Marketing Partner

Discover our customisable month-by-month retainer packages designed to fit your unique needs and budget. Entrust us as your dedicated outsourced marketing partner, and unlock the combined expertise of our seven professionals, each offering diverse skill sets.

With each member contributing their unique strengths, we form a cohesive unit capable of tackling all facets of a powerful marketing team to help meet your goals.

Our Services include

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