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PDC Creative is a New Zealand-based Marketing agency that predominantly operates in Northland, Auckland, and Melbourne.

We specialise in Digital Marketing, Marketing Strategy, Websites, Video, Photography, Design and Print.


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At PDC, we know you’re the experts at your business, and we take pride in being specialists in ours. Our focus lies in enhancing the visibility and impact of your business, allowing you to concentrate on your core operations. Partner with PDC for fresh ideas and proven business strategies fit for the digital age.

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From website designs to full brand creation, our work really speaks for itself. Check out our featured work to see some highlights from our projects – and see how PDC could revolutionise your business!

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What our clients say about us

"PDC have been amazing from day one... We are blown away with everything."

Chelsey Sworn

We have used them completely for our rebrand from FlipOut to Flip!... I would highly recommend these guys and will continue to use them throughout our business owning journey.

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"Nothing but professional, respectful, personable, and refreshing"

Neta Kerepeti

Your high energy, level of commitment, effort to speak our language and get on the same page, eye for detail, and an attitude focused firmly on delivering the very best of services to your clients; the Trust is proud to count amongst them.‍

Pūkahakaha Est 5B Trust
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"Delivered an incredible product, both in creativity and functionality!"

Grant Ballot

Our concept wasn't simple, and our minds changed a lot a long the journey, but we were met with an excited and invested team from PDC, who were always willing to go over and above...

Create X Wonder
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"It’s the collaboration part that is really exciting and influences how you move forward"

Vanessa Jennings

We have a long-standing relationship with PDC Creative and were our first choice.. They were able to come up with new ideas and create a logo that is inspirational and matched where we were going as an organisation..

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