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Renowned for providing cutting-edge and top-notch products, Apollo needed a marketing strategy to match.

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November 15, 2023

Introducing Apollo 12V Specialist, a reliable ally in elevating your mobile lifestyle. This dedicated company is renowned for providing cutting-edge and top-notch products, aimed at fueling journeys across roads, waters, and the compact havens of tiny homes. Since their inception, Apollo 12V has passionately pursued a mission to revolutionise convenience, comfort, and connectivity for enthusiasts of caravans, boats, and tiny homes alike. They are the go to source for all your 12v needs, catering to the unique needs of mobile lifestyles. Duncan and Helen, the driving forces behind Apollo 12V, embody innovation and determination, consistently introducing new products to the market. With their unwavering commitment, Apollo 12V stands as a beacon for those seeking excellence in the realm of mobile lifestyle solutions.


Apollo's success has primarily been attributed to their innovative and high-quality products, with Word of Mouth acting as a significant asset. However, recognizing the need to enhance their marketing and visual presence to further leverage future innovations, Apollo sought the expertise of an outsourced marketing partner. With limited internal resources and time constraints, they aimed to elevate their position in the competitive marketing landscape.


As the strategic marketing partner for Apollo, PDC Creative undertook a comprehensive approach. Our initial strategy involved in-depth consultations with the Apollo team to identify key priorities and areas for improvement. We initiated a branding refinement process, aligning it more closely with Apollo's business objectives. Simultaneously, we redeveloped their website to authentically reflect the caliber of their enterprise, addressing the disparity between the previous website and Apollo's brand image.

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The Results

The new website not only served as an improved platform for product information but also became the focal point for driving traffic and generating leads through our targeted marketing efforts. The results were remarkable. The engagement rate surged from 97 to an impressive average of 1479, reflecting a substantial increase in audience interaction. Moreover, the organic reach expanded by 198%, showcasing the enhanced visibility of Apollo within their market segment. Social media advertising witnessed an exceptional lead increase of 960%, underscoring the effectiveness of our collaborative marketing strategy. The outcomes vividly demonstrate the success of our tailored approach in positioning Apollo for sustained growth and continued innovation.

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