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Northable is community driven and needed branding and a website, that was fresh and inviting.

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Branding x Video x Website
January 20, 2022

Since 1990, NorthAble has been providing invaluable equipment, information, and disability support services in Te Taitokerau, solidifying its position as the largest disability support organisation in Northland. In 2005, the organization officially adopted the name NorthAbleMatapuna Hauora. Operating under this banner, which places a strong emphasis not only on disability but also on the broader concept of wellbeing, the organisation has consistently grown, continually adding new services to meet the evolving needs of the population across Te Taitokerau.

Their remarkable efforts within the Northland community are truly commendable, and it's inspiring to witness the positive impact of such an outstanding organisation.


For the NorthAble team, the brand transcends beyond mere equipment and disability services. It embodies the commitment to actively listen to customers, devise effective solutions, and deliver an exceptional and compassionate service that empowers clients. However, the existing brand failed to encapsulate their visionary outlook and the desired trajectory for the business, they also needed to bring their services and products life. Additionally, there was a pressing need for a new website to align with their evolving vision and better serve their audience.


To align the brand with their values and organisational direction, we conceptualised and crafted a distinctive logo. The chosen Koru shape serves as a symbol, reflecting notions of peace, tranquility, change, and personal growth. Drawing inspiration from Northland's landscape and the harmonious relationship between land and sea, the design encapsulates the essence of evoking, empowering, and compassion, mirroring these principles in the logo concepts.

Subsequently, the new branding was seamlessly integrated across various mediums, including print elements, car design, and signage. Recognising the significance of accessibility, we meticulously redesigned their website in adherence to WCAG guidelines, ensuring a user-friendly experience, particularly from a disability perspective. Custom photography was strategically incorporated, enhancing the site's professionalism and authenticity, effectively communicating the organisation's identity and activities.

To elevate both the website and overall branding, we produced an engaging overview video of NorthAble. This video showcases the organisation and its services in a captivating and friendly manner, underscoring the commitment to excellence and fostering a deeper connection with the audience.

Client Testimonial

We have a long-standing relationship with PDC Creative and were our first choice.. They were able to come up with new ideas and encompass a new type of logo that is inspirational and matched where we were going as an organisation.. I would recommend PDC Creative, they are not only really professional but really friendly, it’s a warm welcoming team that understands you so well, it’s the collaboration part that is really exciting and influences how you move forward.

Vanessa Jennings

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