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Marketing and Brand Strategy

What is involved in a marketing plan?

Developing a marketing plan initially involves a whole bunch of research where we look at the business and its market positioning, who the competitors are and what their positioning is. We also look at who the target market is and what appeals to them in relation to the business offering. We will look at the unique selling proposition as well as other key messaging and make any necessary changes to better align them with all the above. We will consider the business goals and outline the strategy’s and steps that need to be taken in order to achieve those goals.

Why should I get pdc creative to develop a marketing plan for me?

Because each of us are specialists in our fields. We do not just have expert marketers we also have experts in other areas who will carry out many of the steps needed to achieve your marketing goals. Other expertise includes digital marking including SEO and website development, targeted social media advertising, electronic newsletters, brand strategy, graphic designers, copywriting, photography and so much more. Also, when you engage us you get the collective brain power and creativity from our entire team inputting into the marketing plan.

What's the difference between getting a logo designed or refreshed versus a brand strategy?

A logo design or refresh may include changing the fonts, tweaking the colours, refining the icon and updating other marketing materials. It really is just about the look. A brand strategy is about understanding business strategy, marketing and communications strategy, design strategy, and how to integrate it all together. It is about developing a brand that is differentiated from competitors and that appeals to target markets. It has a clearly defined brand story, messaging, tone of voice, personality and a unique graphical style that supports the brand positioning. A good brand strategy should drive growth.

Should I use digital marketing or print based marketing?

The answer to this question depends on where your target markets are mostly hanging out and how they like to receive information. An elderly person who does not enjoy going online might prefer a mailbox leaflet outlining what the latest specials are.  Whereas many other would prefer to search for deals online. If you are marketing a product or service that assists people to lose weight and feel better, leaflets, posters and pull up banners at a gym could capture their attention. For many businesses, a mix of both is worth exploring.

I want to start a new business what types of marketing will I need?

What a start-up business needs to market them self depends a little on the industry and how they plan to sell. For example, if you are a bricks and mortar business you may want to consider flags, a footpath sign and building signage to draw attention to the outside of your building. There are some basic staples that we think all business will need. These are a good business name, a logo and distinct visual identity, a tag line, good messaging about what makes your business so great, a website, a google my business listing to ensure you are found in local searches and a good online strategy

A client referral reward programme can also really help to encourage clients to refer their family friends and colleagues. To help determine what will work for you feel free to drop us a line and we can make a time to have a chat with you to discuss your options.

What are the benefits of an electronic newsletter?

Email newsletters are a direct line to the customer that goes straight to their email and can be viewed on a computer, tablet or phone. This ensures audiences who are not regularly checking your website or social media have access to the relevant and valuable content you want then to know about. There is the obvious benefit of keeping your business at the top of customer’s minds or at the very least, being a reminder. If we add a teaser for each topic in the newsletter that links to a blog on the website, you can monitor results.


How much does a logo cost?

The cost of creating a logo depends on how long the logo takes to create. We have several options to choose from. For example, a text-based logo can cost $200 to $300 to produce and a logo with an icon might cost $400 to $500. If you are unsure about what we mean by text based and icon logo let us know and we can send you some examples. You also need to consider how many different versions of the logo you will need. For example, do you need a version in a circle for Facebook, or a logo that is stacked as well as a longer version. Do you need a single colour logo as well as a full colour? The other factor to consider is if your brand would benefit from supporting graphics (brand assets) as well as stylised icons or illustration. Again, if you would like to see some examples let us know.

How much do you charge to create a brand strategy?

How much we charge for a brand strategy depends on your needs and objectives. A small business with 1 main line of business is going to have different requirements to that of a business with multiple lines and departments. We have however broken our offering into 3 packages:

• Package 1 is more of a visual identity creation with supporting graphics and brand assets.

• Package 2 is where we create and integrate your visual identity with key messaging. We will ask you a bunch of questions to find out more about your business and what you want to communicate. We will come up with a tag line, key messaging, and visual identity that reflects and complements your business.

• Package 3 This package is where we strategise how to better position your business in the marketplace to increase profit. We will take an objective look at your business, your customers your target markets and your competitors. We will build a robust and compelling strategy which includes brand story, tagline, key messaging and tone of voice, powerful graphics and much more to set you up for success.


How much do you charge to create a marketing plan?

We have three different packages for creating an online shop on your website. Each package is build using different software and has its pros and cons. It is best to make a time to come and have a chat with us so that we can walk you through each of the packages and help you to establish what is going work best for your business and your requirements. In addition to the above a Shopify online shop for some clients ticks all the boxes. We can help you identify which template will suit your business. We can also create the look and feel for you within the template ensuring we create beautiful banners and a look that will appeal to your target market. We can Set up the product pages with one or two products and then train you on how to use it and upload photos of your products which will help to keep the overall costs down. Here is a link to Shopify’s pricing plans.

I am wanting to get a website and do not have a big budget are you able to help me?

Yes, we have different websites for different budgets. There are also additional things that you can do to ensure you have an online presence that do not cost. Come and have a chat to us so we can understand what your requirements are, can give you some pricing and also give you some tips on how to make the most out of the free online marketing tools.

I want to start doing an electronic newsletter to send out to my database. What do you charge for this?

An email newsletter involves setting up a Mailchimp account, creating a newsletter template and in many cases implementing a sign-up form on your website. Training is also included where we show you how to create campaigns, edit the template, view reports, and manage your database.
There are a couple of ways this can be done.

• Option 1. We create the template for the first one and then upskill somebody so they can populate the template with the content, add the database and send it out. This can sometimes not look as good as when we do it because clients do not necessarily have the tools and expertise we have. The cost for this ranges from $400 to $600

• Option 2. We create the template for the first email newsletter and then populate and send subsequent emails out on their behalf. If we were to go with option 2 we would need an updated database sent to us just prior to the newsletter going out. This would need to be supplied on a spreadsheet. The cost for this ranges from $400 to $600 for the initial set up and template creation. The costs for us to manage subsequent email send out, find images etc is around $75 to $100. We would need to look at your specific requirements to determine a price. This cost does not include copy writing.

Note: Mailchimp only offer 1 data base on their free plan and up to 2000 subscribers. Here is a link to pricing.

Time Frames

How long does it take to design a logo?

Creation of a logo depends on what is involved and how complicated or simple the logo is. Sometimes if a client has a clear idea of what they are wanting we can create the logo a lot quicker. If you are wanting us to come up with a name and a tagline this also needs to be factored into the time frame. It is definitely best to have a chat to us about your business and what your requirements are so that we can give you a quote however is a rough guide and logo can take anywhere from an hour and a half to six hours. For a small business naming and tagline creation are generally around 4 hours’ worth of work. Another thing to factor into the overall time frame is how big our workload is with other jobs. If a client is requiring something to be completed urgently, we always try to accommodate and shuffle things around.

How long does it take to create a website?

How long it takes to create a website depends on which of our website packages you engage us for. The quickest we could create a website would be within a week. Generally, though we like to have four to six weeks to create most websites. A larger more complicated website will take longer than this.

I need something printed today. Can you help?

We can print some products the same day If it is urgent. this includes items like posters and emergency leaflets. However, we do not encourage this and most of our print products have a two or three day turn around. Business cards that have a laminate or an over gloss take longer, as do books, magazines, and other larger type products.


Do you have different website packages for different budgets?

We most certainly do have different website packages. The best thing to do is come and have a chat to us about what it is you want your website to achieve for you, what functionality you require and any other needs you might have. We also take into consideration your budget when helping to determine the right website package for you.

I want my website to rank better in searches. What do I need to do?

There is no one action that determines how well a website will rank in online searches. However, there are several things you can do to help ensure your website ranks better overtime. One of the most important things is ensuring you have good SEO written copy. You also need to make sure you have a decent amount of copy for a website to rank well. Updating content regularly on your website can also help with ranking which is where a blog can be useful. Another thing you can do to improve SEO and increase the amount of copy is to add a FAQ page. There are many other things you can do such as adding video, linking to other reputable sites, using hyperlinks throughout your site to keep people there for longer and so much more. The best thing would be to get in touch to have a chat about what needs to be done to increase your websites ranking.


I want to update my logo what are some of the things I need to consider?

What you need to consider when updating your logo is entirely dependent on why you are updating it and what you are wanting to achieve. As an example, someone who has bought a business that does not have a good track record is going to have entirely different reasons and goals to somebody that is just wanting to modernise their logo. If you are considering making changes to your logo, we highly recommend you come and talk to us to ensure a holistic approach is taken and all aspects are considered.

There are DIY logo generators online that automatically make a logo for you. Is this a good way to get a logo?

For most businesses, using one of our trained and experienced designers is hands down the best way to get a logo designed. Getting it right the first time is important and can save you thousands in the long run. The look and feel of your logo is the foundation for the look and feel of everything else in your marketing. Your business stationery, website, print media, vehicle signage, building signage all need to mirror the design aesthetics used in your logo. Our graphic designers have years of experience and knowledge that you simply cannot replicate with a DIY software. A logo is made up of variety of elements and design aesthetics such as colour, font styles, shape and so much more. Each of these design elements work together to communicate subconscious messages to your target market. When we design a logo, we ensure an understanding of who your target market is and who your competitors are to ensure that what we come up with is appealing, engaging, and differentiated. An online logo generator cannot do this.

I want to get some new business card designed what is the cost?

The cost of designing a business card depends on how long it takes us. A simple design for a single sided business card starts from $50 and a double-sided start from $70. If you want a business card that stands out and is memorable this requires a bit of creativity. We will need to play around with typography and other design aesthetics which takes more time. A single sided business card is usually from $75 to $100 and a double-sided card from $100 - $125. These prices exclude GST.

Why should I use a graphic designer when I could use a cheap or free DIY online generator?

Our graphic designers are talented, trained professionals that have years of experience and knowledge that you simply cannot replicate with a DIY software. Our designers understand the psychology behind design and how font choice, colour, placement of design elements, shape and structure communicates subconscious messages to target markets. When we design whether it be a logo, a poster, or a website we take all of this into account. When we design, we also put our head and heart into it to ensure what we create will appeal to your target markets. Again, this is something a logo an online log generator cannot do.


Do you design vehicle signage?

Yes, we do a lot of design for vehicle signage as well as building signage. When we design a logo and design assets to support the brands visual identity it is often a good idea to get us to apply the design to all of your brands touchpoints. This will ensure consistency and upkeep the high standard of design across the brand. We do not print and apply the vehicle signage but can recommend the best of the best sign writers to do this for you.

Do you print corflute signs?

Yes, we do print corflutes. We can do these in a variety of sizes at hey affordable cost. These generally take 3 working days.


Do you print business cards?

Yes, we do print business cards and we have a range of finishes to suit a variety of industries. For example, our digitally printed uncoated cards are great for loyalty cards because ink from rubber stamps dries quicker and so won't smudge as much. Our cards that are laminated on one side and uncoated on the reverse, make great appointment cards because you can easily write the appointment details on the back. Matt, gloss, uncoated, shiny you name it. We can even print your cards on a natural wood product. Other options for business cards include shaped, spot UV and creased cards.

What is the difference between digital print and offset print?

Most of our standard jobs, business cards, leaflets, rack cards, letterheads etc are printed on an offset printing press using what’s called a “gang-run” method. This means that your job is printed on large sheets along with other similar jobs, and therefore the setup costs are effectively shared between all jobs. This means that we can produce high quality offset print jobs of all these products at similar pricing to digital print.

Why does my finished product look a different colour to my screen and the one I printed out at home?

The colours you see on your monitor are RGB and print is produced in CMYK. There will definitely be a difference in the printed product. Even on different monitors the colours can vary. Every printer, be it your home printer, one in the office, or ours, will generally produce different results. Our quality management system has been assessed by BSI and we are certified for ISO 9001, the Quality Standard. So, you can be assured that the end result will be as true a representation of the colours as possible.

Is it right that print colour can vary from one job to the next?

Yes colour can vary from job to job. Colour variation is inherent in the printing industry. Colour variation can occur from run to run, on the same product and even more so on different products. This means that this run of printing may vary in colour slightly to any other runs. Please note if you are viewing on your phone the colours will be very different than the printed product.  To ​make this easier to understand we have a chart instore, which shows the maximum acceptable level of colour variation and colours on different papers. Please come in to view this prior to print or talk to us further about this if you have any questions.

Is printing environmentally friendly?

Our print hub uses some of the best technology in New Zealand. Our inks are vegetable oil based and are made from renewable sources (traditional inks are mineral solvent based). Our press set-up uses up to 90% less sheets of paper than a normal printing press to set up a job. We are advanced users of CTP Systems (Computer to Plate), eliminating the need for film and associated chemicals. Our “Gang Run” style of print, means multiple jobs set up to print together, saving in all areas of set-up. We use sustainably sourced paper products and paper is one of the most recycled products.

Do you still print invoice books?

Yes! There is still quite a demand for duplicate, triplicate or quadruplicate invoice books. We print a range of DL, A5 and A4 invoice books, purchase order books, job sheets, receipt books – the list goes on!

Do I have to pay for changes to my business card design if I’m just updating a phone number or name?

Yes, we do charge for this as it still takes our designer time to make the change, proof back to you and set up for print. However, if you’re regularly producing business cards, for a one-off charge, we can set up templates where you can log in online, make the changes yourself and send them to print.

Can I supply my own file to print?

Yes, by all means. We generally prefer pdf files with 3mm bleed. You can contact us for help at pdc creative if you need it. We do not proof read supplied files, that is your responsibility, but we do make sure that the file is set up for print correctly and that the product you get back is what you are expecting. Please see our design FAQ’s around why we think it’s better to use a graphic designer for this, and how that can help you achieve better results with your print marketing.

Can I order my print online?

We have a great system where you can log in to your account, view previous jobs and order them. Or order specific products and upload files to print. If required we can set up templates of jobs you order often, even print templates you or others in your organistaion can edit without altering the look and feel of your brand. We can also upload to your account other items you might purchase such as promotional product like pens, umbrellas, coffee cups etc.

We have a Head Office and branches all around the country. Can you supply print to all our branches?

Absolutely we can! We can create what we call a “Brand Demand” site for you. This is essentially your own microsite for ordering all your print, promotional and branded marketing materials. This can be controlled in a number of ways, by an administrator at Head Office or by individual users in different branches. Invoicing can be set up specifically for your needs as well. From here one person can order print, edit print templates for business cards, leaflets and more, order them and have them delivered directly to the specific branch.

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