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Tuson Australia

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Tuson Australia
Marketing + Website + Video
May 12, 2024

Tuson Australia is a pioneering force in the caravan and towing industry, offering innovative solutions aimed at elevating safety and stability for Australian enthusiasts. As a subsidiary of Tuson RV Brakes, renowned for its success in the USA, Tuson Australia brings cutting-edge technology like the Asymmetric Sway Control system to the local market. With patents for the Tuson Sway Control in both the USA and Australia, Tuson Australia is the exclusive provider of this revolutionary technology globally.

With a dedication to delivering the same high-quality products and support demonstrated by Tuson RV Brakes in the USA, Tuson Australia serves as a trusted partner for Australian caravan enthusiasts seeking superior safety solutions.

Tuson Australia faced the challenge of finding a marketing partner who truly understood their brand, market, and the unique benefits of their product, Asymmetric Sway Control. Their primary goal was to increase brand exposure and awareness of their innovative safety solution.


PDC Creative stepped in as a dedicated marketing partner, recognising the need for a comprehensive approach to elevate Tuson Australia's marketing efforts. The first step was to upgrade their website, which served as the primary point of contact for potential customers and installers seeking information. PDC Creative designed a functional and professional user experience (UX) to streamline lead generation and ensure that visitors could easily find relevant information.

Continuing the partnership, PDC Creative implemented a range of strategies to enhance Tuson Australia's online presence and engagement. This included developing tailored Google Ad strategies to target relevant audiences, managing social media channels to increase visibility and engagement, and crafting comprehensive marketing campaigns to effectively communicate the benefits of Sway Control. Additionally, PDC Creative produced professional video content to simplify the explanation of the product's safety features and show casing real user stories thereby increasing understanding and interest among potential customers.

Through ongoing collaboration and strategic initiatives, PDC Creative has helped Tuson Australia achieve increased brand awareness and a heightened level of professionalism in their marketing endeavours. By addressing their specific challenges and implementing targeted solutions, Tuson Australia has seen tangible results in reaching their target audience and showcasing the superiority of their safety solution in the market.

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Tuson Australia
Tuson Australia
Tuson Australia
Tuson Australia
Tuson Australia

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