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Create x Wonder

A unique brand and website refresh for Auckland based video company Create X Wonder

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Create x Wonder
Branding x Website
July 17, 2023

Established as a dynamic force in the realm of creative video production, Create x Wonder stands out as a premier company dedicated to crafting unparalleled video content. Their portfolio proudly showcases our collaboration with renowned brands, including but not limited to Nissan, Dyson, Torpedo 7, Bunnings, and Emma Lewisham. As a compact yet highly innovative team,they bring forth a wealth of big ideas and an impressive body of work that underscores our commitment to excellence. Their passion lies in weaving compelling narratives and visually stunning creations that captivate audiences and elevate brands to new heights. With a proven track record of delivering exceptional results, Create x Wonder continues to be a trailblazer in the world of video production.

Challenge: Ineffectual Brand Representation Hindering Growth

Upon engaging with us, Create x Wonder presented itself as an outstanding video production entity facing a critical dilemma. Despite their exceptional work, their brand and website failed to encapsulate the true essence of their creativity and the quality of their productions. It was akin to concealing a brilliant firework within an uninspiring brown box.

The incongruity between their remarkable creativity and the lackluster brand representation was proving to be a barrier. Prospective clients were not afforded a glimpse of the magic that Create x Wonder had to offer, resulting in missed opportunities. A transformative solution was imperative.

The Strategy: Illuminating Brilliance  

At PDC Creative, recognizing that Create x Wonder deserved a brand and website reflective of their brilliance, we embarked on a mission to unveil their true magic.

In close collaboration with Kirsty and Grant, the visionary minds behind Create x Wonder, we immersed ourselves in understanding their aspirations, values, and distinctive style. The outcome was a vibrant, attention-grabbing brand identity that not only captivated but effectively communicated their exceptional talents.

However, our commitment didn't end there. We elevated the transformation by designing and constructing an entirely new website that mirrored the dynamic and extraordinary nature of Create x Wonder. Every pixel was meticulously crafted to spotlight their awe-inspiring videos, prestigious clientele, and the unparalleled professionalism they brought to every project.

We take immense pride in the privilege of collaborating with Kirsty and Grant. The triumph of Create x Wonder serves not only as a testament to the powerful synergy achieved by harmonising a brand and website with a business's core ethos but also as a beacon for those aspiring to redefine their industry landscape. As Create x Wonder continues to shine brightly, we are reminded that, in the realm of innovation and branding, the possibilities are boundless. Here's to continued success and the limitless potential that unfolds when passion meets purpose.  

Client Testimonial

We've recently had a new brand design and website build through PDC Creative. Our concept wasn't simple, and our minds changed a lot a long the journey, but we were met with an excited and invested team from PDC, who were always willing to go over and above, and delivered an incredible product, both in creativity and functionality! Thank you guys, for everything!

Grant Ballot

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Create x Wonder
Create x Wonder
Create x Wonder
Create x Wonder
Create x Wonder

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