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Pūkahakaha East 5B Trust

Dedicated to the well-being of their community, Pukahakaha needed a video and website to tell their story

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Pūkahakaha East 5B Trust
Communications x Website x Print x Design
October 20, 2022

Pukahakaha East 5B Trust (PE5BT) is a Ahu Whenua Trust established for the benefit of the Te Waiariki, Ngāti Kororā and Ngāti Takapari hapū. The beneficiaries of the trust are derived from these three hapū and the marriages of Te Huaki to Tukaiteuru and Te Kahuwhero to Te Uhi.

PE5BT Trustees make decisions around managing and growing the assets of PE5BT. There is a focus on building governance capability and capacity for Pūkahakaha East 5B. They reflect on the learnings gained from their many relationships, including with the Māori Trustee and Te Tumu Paeroa, to identify their strengths and address areas for development.

Their greatest asset is their people, the beneficiaries to whom belongs the whakapapa, through which inherit the whenua. they will invest in their people in a sustainable manner, focusing on initiatives to increase financial literacy, business acumen, entrepreneurial skills and move their people closer to financial independence.


Recognising the imperative for updated brand assets to rejuvenate their identity and better align with their core values and objectives, Pukahakaha PE5BT faced the challenge of lacking a comprehensive platform to efficiently communicate their mission and services to their community. The absence of a new website and a cohesive communication strategy impeded their ability to accurately convey what they do and connect with their community.

The Strategy  

PDC Creative engaged in a collaborative process with Pukahakaha PE5BT, meticulously understanding their goals and target audience. Working closely with the trustees, we conducted multiple workshops to gather insights and perspectives crucial for shaping the brand identity and communication strategy. Leveraging this collaborative insight, we devised a comprehensive plan to address their specific needs.

The new website was designed with the goal of creating a visually appealing and user-friendly experience, with a particular focus on highlighting the trust's services and the positive impact they have on the community, also allowing them to have a login portal for their beneficiaries so they can access important information and have a place to input their individual information. The design team made sure to pay careful attention to every detail in order to create a website that was both visually stunning and easy to navigate for users. The end result was a website that effectively showcases the trust's services and the important role they play in the community.

All imagery and videography was shot by our team to truly show the authenticity of the trust, their land and their people.

All collateral and assets were directed towards a cohesive communication strategy to ensure that their message was being conveyed in the most effective and impactful way possible. With a strong online presence and effective communication strategy Pukahakaha are able to get their message across in a effective way.

Thanks to a comprehensive effort working together, Pukahakaha PE5BT now has a strong online presence and professional assets that position them as a reputable and professional trust. The new brand image and website effectively communicate the trust's values and mission, setting a high bar for professionalism for a trust.

Client Testimonial

From the organisation’s leadership of Jess and Travis, to those in the field and on the floor, their engagement with the Trust has been nothing but professional, respectful, personable, and refreshing.

…Pūkahakaha East 5B Trust is an Ahu Whenua Trust, constituted under the Māori Land Act 1993.  Its primary role is to safeguard the land and assets of Trust beneficiaries and to generate revenue on the Trust estate.  The work that PDC Creative does is vital to enabling the Trust to meet these ongoing responsibilities.

Thank you Jess and Travis and team.  It is both a pleasure and privilege to have you work alongside the Trust.  You have made significant contributions to our business, with your high energy, level of commitment, effort to speak our language and get on the same page, eye for detail, and an attitude focused firmly on delivering the very best of services to your clients; the Trust is proud to count amongst them.

Neta Kerepeti

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Pūkahakaha East 5B Trust
Pūkahakaha East 5B Trust
Pūkahakaha East 5B Trust
Pūkahakaha East 5B Trust
Pūkahakaha East 5B Trust

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