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North Haven Hospice

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North Haven Hospice
Northland, New Zealand
Marketing + Video
March 21, 2024

North Haven Hospice is a beacon of compassionate care, providing essential support to individuals of all ages confronting terminal illnesses or life-limiting conditions, alongside their families, whānau, and carers. Operating as a community charity, spanning from Mangawhai to Hukerenui, their services are deeply rooted in the holistic philosophy of palliative care. Their mission transcends mere medical assistance; they strive to cultivate dignity and instill hope amidst the profound challenges of change, grief, and end-of-life transitions.


North Haven Hospice faces the formidable challenge of effectively disseminating their message to educate the local community about their mission, operational model, and the urgent need for increased volunteer support and donations. Despite providing free palliative care services, misconceptions persist regarding their reliance on donations and volunteer contributions. Limited internal resources further exacerbate the difficulty in promoting their cause and mobilising community support.

Recognising the critical importance of volunteers in sustaining their operations and fulfilling their mission, North Haven Hospice prioritises the recruitment of volunteers as their primary focus.


Recognising the critical importance of volunteers in sustaining operations and fulfilling the North Haven Hospice’s mission, we embarked on a strategic initiative to revamp their volunteer recruitment and engagement efforts.

'Who We Are' Video: To lay a foundation of who North Haven Hospice is and the impactful work they do within our community, we created an initial video. This served as a powerful tool to not only educate the public about their mission but also to entice potential volunteers to be part of something meaningful and make a difference.

Volunteer Spotlight Videos: We crafted a series of five videos featuring a range of volunteers, from shop staff to inpatient caregivers. These videos provided a firsthand perspective of their volunteers' experiences, showcasing their motivations and the rewards of their service. By sharing real stories and personal insights, we aimed to inspire others to volunteer and join our cause.

We then created targeted Campaigns leveraging targeted digital marketing campaigns, we reached potential volunteers through tailored messaging and volunteer videos. By utilizing specific demographic and interest-based targeting, we maximised the relevance and impact of our outreach efforts. Our campaigns resulted in a remarkable 630% increase in volunteer inquiries within the first month, with approximately 70% of leads deemed viable.

Simplifying the volunteer inquiry process, we implemented on-platform lead forms within our digital campaigns. This streamlined the process for individuals to express their interest and provide their contact details. The data collected through these forms enabled us to efficiently follow up with interested candidates and facilitate their transition into volunteering roles.

This comprehensive approach to volunteer recruitment and engagement has yielded significant success for North Haven Hospice. Not only have they experienced a substantial increase in volunteer inquiries, but they have also enhanced their ability to fill volunteer spaces and meet their growing demand. By effectively leveraging digital platforms and compelling story-telling, we continue to attract passionate individuals who are eager to contribute their time and skills to North Haven Hospice.


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North Haven Hospice
North Haven Hospice
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North Haven Hospice
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