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Video helps you make a memorable, human connection with your viewers.

Creative, immersive, and innovative video. A guaranteed way to standout, video helps you make a memorable, human connection with your viewers.

At PDC, we’re not interested in producing average work.

We create videos that your customers will connect with, talk about, and share – videos that ultimately grow your business.

Whether it’s a case study video, a ‘who we are’ spotlight, or product feature, PDC’s video team produces superb content that capitalises on your brand’s strengths and expresses them to your clients with a cinematic feel.

Bring your brand story to life through captivating visuals that capture the essence of your business.

Recent Client Win
A PDC client secured a lucrative long-term partnership and achieved a $100,000 boost in sales, directly attributable to a case study video produced by PDC.

Check out our video services below and see examples of how PDC can create content that resonates with your audience and enhances your overall marketing strategy.

Business overview video:

Let outstanding visuals speak volumes about what you do with a “Who We Are’ video. Share your story, detail your brand, services, people, and culture.

Promo video:

Promotional videos are an attractive and quick way for businesses to feature their service or products.

Product video:

Videos with specific focus on a product or service, highlighting key features and details for your audience.

Case study/testimonial videos:

Let your work speak for you. Showing success stories and testimonials lets clients get familiar with your business and means they can see for themselves why they need your services.


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