January 14, 2022

6 Web Design Trends for 2022

If you are wondering about the top trends that are going to impact 2022, then this article is for you to read and learn about the upcoming trends.

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What is trending in the design world for 2022

Web design is not what it used to be. The future of web design has never looked more promising or challenging at the same time. New technologies are emerging every day, new trends are coming around every year, and now is another great moment to look ahead at what trends might define 2022 in web design.

1. Engaging Interactives and Animations

As we move toward 2022, we can't help but feel that interactivity and animation are going to play a huge part in web design. With VR and AR becoming more popular, designers are keen on making their websites more engaging by integrating animations with the help of HTML5and CSS3. We already see an increasing number of websites that allow user interaction through parallax effects, scrolling features, or video backgrounds that react to user behaviour. The way we navigate and consume information will change dramatically in 2022, and so it's advisable for web designers to prepare for this transformation now.

2. Creative Scrolling Experience

Another trend in web design for2022 is scrolling, but not in the way you would think. With more devices being used to browse the web, designers are keen on providing a better user experience by creating scroll-activated animations or events that trigger with each new screen of content unveiled when users scroll down. Important elements on the page will also be brought upfront when users reach the end of what's visible on their screens. This can be something like social media buttons or shop product lists, depending on how your website operates. Since most people won't stop scrolling completely within websites until they find what they're looking for or run out of content, this is one of the most important trends to expect in 2022.

3. Hand Drawn Elements

Another trend that will grow in popularity in 2022 is the use of hand-drawn elements in web design. This is something we've seen often when designers attempt to make their website designs similar to graphic art. Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator are popular tools among web designers, so it's only natural for this style to gain traction over time. This can be done by adding creative textures or hand-drawn illustrations around the layout, either on the part of the screen alone or across multiple pages, for great visual impact

4. Stylish Typography

Web typography has evolved dramatically since the early days of HTML coding, and it continues to change every day. Now more than ever before, the text will play a bigger role in your websites, so you need to pay close attention to the choices you make when selecting your font type, sizing, and alignment. In 2022 we're going to see more emphasis on fonts — whether it's a creative headline or elegant subheading— as well as how they work together across several pages of content. If you want to achieve a sleeker aesthetic for your website, then web typography is worth thinking about now so that it will be perfect come 2022.

5. More Focus on Videos

In the near future, videos will play a much bigger role in web design than ever before. This can be used for any purpose within your websites, such as animation tutorials or customer testimonials, because video marketing continues to grow tremendously year after year. In 2022, websites will use videos even more often for calls to action and product promotions, as well as how-to tutorials. Videos with live-action elements will also be popular with web designers, but animations and still images may play a big role instead if they provide a more engaging user experience for visitors across multiple pages of content. Video can make your website appear more professional and polished by 2022.

6. Creative Font Pairing

The last trend that we think you should consider now before it becomes mainstream in 2022 is font pairing. With an increasing number of fonts per website among users, the challenge of creating unique combinations that work well alone or together has grown quite complex over time. It's something we think will grow in popularity as technology advances, so it may be worth investing time into font pairing for your websites now or risk not having a unique design come 2022.

With so much change likely to occur in the next year, it's important for businesses to stay on top of trends and keep an open mind about what might be popular. Some of these ideas may not seem applicable now but could be worth experimenting with given enough time. These are just some examples of what you can expect by 2022. Make sure to checkback often for more blogs covering the latest trends in the creative space!

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