Social Media Graphic Design Trends to Build Your Brand in 2022

July 18, 2022
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What social media trends have we seen so far in 2022? What trends will shape the design of Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter?

Graphic designing is one of the ever-changing niches, and to get the desired results; you have to stay up to date about the latest changes that are happening in the market. Fonts, color schemes, and many other factors are going to change in 2022.

Graphic Designing and Social Media Marketing

The importance of social media marketing is only growing with time. 61% of local businesses use social media for their marketing strategy. Social media content has been shown to be a good way of persuasion and marketing. People tend to prefer social media networks because of the convenience and the information that it provides.

However, there area lot of misconceptions about social media graphic design, such as the fact that it is somehow less important than graphic designing in print or traditional forms.

Social Media Graphic Design Trends

Social media graphic design trends have changed a lot over the last few years, and they are going to continue changing in 2022. Here are some key trends that you should keep an eye out for.

1- 2D/3D Mashup

The 2D/3D mash-uptrend is likely to take the social media world by storm. It is a way of using existing forms and adding an element of 3D to them.

Many businesses and brands have already begun using this trend in their graphics, and it is growing in popularity. This unique trend can be used to create illusions that are interactive and engaging with the users.

2- Custom Typography

Custom typography will also become a very popular trend in social media graphic design as more businesses are switching to this style.

This is because custom typography allows businesses to add their personal touch to their graphics, which helps them create a memorable brand experience for their users.

3- Retro Style

Retro-style graphics will be a strong trend in social media graphic design in 2022. Using vintage designs and images with a modern twist is sure to gain popularity as the old ways of doing things are actually quite good. This retro-style graphic design is perfect for businesses that have an impeccable sense of nostalgia or even business professionals that have a fascination with the past.

4- Fabric Text

Fabric text is another very popular trend in social media graphic design that seems to be growing every year. Stretching and displaying text on fabric is an effective way to clearly explain a message or message your branding idea through visually appealing designs.

For example, using fabric to display your Instagram logo or Facebook profile picture will give an appeal to your brand.

5- Twisted Fonts

Twisted fonts are going to become a popular trend in social media graphic design in 2022. This is because twisted fonts are used to give an artistic touch to the messages. They are also used to draw attention to certain portions of a design.

Despite the fact that most people have never heard of twisted fonts, they actually make for excellent designs as they absorb some of the light and create attractive effects.

6- Social Media Graphics Collage

Social media graphics collage is also likely to be a very popular trend in social media graphic design as more businesses begin using them. Using this layout requires optimization of images and text, but it looks very pleasing on a website or blog page.

7- 90's Nostalgia

90's nostalgia is likely to be a very popular trend in social media graphic design. The trend involves looking back at the past and creating content that has a touch of 90'snostalgia.

Instagram, for example, has been loaded with 90's photos recently to appeal to its millennial users.

8- Environmental Graphics

When it comes to designing graphics, keeping the environment in mind is important because you want your message to reach out to as many people as possible.

These days most social media networks are encouraging businesses to use green graphics and images that are friendly towards the environment.

9- Holographic Designs

In 2022,holographic designs are likely to be a very popular trend in social media graphic design. Creating holographic graphics requires computational power and a lot of hard work.

However, technologies like 3D printing mean that we are getting closer and closer to creating holographic images.

10- Retail Branding

Retail branding is also likely to be quite a popular trend in social media graphic design as more businesses begin using it.

Using this approach focuses on adding your brand's logo to your images so that people actually pay attention to the pictures and takes them seriously. It also helps you stand out from other brands as you are unique in this approach.

Redefine your Social Media Graphic Design Strategy

Social media graphic design is becoming more and more important every day. It can be used to reach out to a massive user base and communicate your message effectively. In2022, social media graphic design will continue to evolve, and there will be new trends that you need to keep an eye on in order to stay ahead of the curve.


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