April 5, 2022

Importance of Case Study Videos

Video is more attractive than text to your audience. Videos elicit a faster and more effective emotional response than text, decreasing the time for users to understand content and increasing retention. Video can help you build a personal brand like no other.

Case Study Video

How video can really showcase your business

Did you know video is more attractive than text to your audience? Videos elicit a faster and more effective emotional response than text, decreasing the time for users to understand content and increasing retention and can help you build a personal brand like no other.

What are Case Study Videos?

Case study videos are highly beneficial in showcasing your knowledge, skills and expertise. The videos are structured so that they can be used as well-structured case studies on their own merit or to add more weight to an article, website or social media campaign.

They provide clarity of what is being taught by showing concise and specific examples from a real-life scenario. Case study videos create a human connection with viewers.

Benefits of Case Study Videos for Business

They are an effective way of making your content more visual. Videos are a great way of painting a complete picture for the viewers.

It is easy to become infatuated with videos because they create a lot of emotions, and when this happens, it makes your content more memorable and people are more likely to engage, like and comment. Here are some other major benefits of using case study videos for your business.

1.    Case Study Videos Convert Easily

89% of business marketers reported that video contents offer better conversions and ROI. In the buying process, visuals can help the audience to make more informed decisions, as case study videos offer value-adding details and authenticity. Sometimes, the information in a video can be portrayed as more credible than what is written.

People tend to trust videos more than text. Videos are a great way of showcasing customer testimonials. The use of case study videos can help in increasing sales and customer engagement. Case studies are more like social proof and approval from recent clients.

A practical case study does not necessarily need to promote your services or the products. Users find the testimonials to be more effective and authentic than other forms of content marketing.

2.    Case Study videos increase engagement

Unfortunately if customers don't engage with your case studies, they're not going to provide you with the results you're hoping for. That's why we recommend using video case studies—they have a much higher engagement rate than traditional case-study content.

Video allows you to spread your message and engage with people at a deeper level than text alone. In fact, 60 percent of site visitors will watch a video before reading any text. This is because it forces them to continue paying attention in a way that they aren't when reading text. Their visual and aural senses are engaged, and if the content is appealing enough they will feel compelled to continue watching.

Put your audience on your side by using video to help them learn more about what you do. Users spend 88% more time on websites that have video embedded. Why wouldn’t you utilise video in your business?

3.    Case Study Videos are Trusted

Consumers that go through case study videos feel more comfortable and confident when they are making their purchase decision. This is because they are given an opportunity to see the product or service in action and how it works, compared to reading about it.

Authentic Case Videos build Emotional Connection

When you create a video, it allows the viewer to be engaged with you and the product and service that you want to sell. It keeps them engaged for a longer period of time as compared to any other type of content. They can feel more connected to the brand and go back for more.

Invest in Case Study Videos for better Conversions

Invest in case study videos. They're a great way to show your business personality and add more value to your social media and website. Studies have shown that including video content in your marketing can increase conversion rates by as much as 80 percent!

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