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April 24, 2020

Why you need a FAQ page and how to create one.

A Frequently Asked Questions page not only answers your customers queries but gets your website in front of a wider audience.

4 reasons a FAQ page improves your websites ranking in searches

1. An FAQ page improves ranking because answers to questions that are asked by customers are generally full of keywords that will help your site appear in searches.

2. Google produces a bunch of search results when a question has been asked and it will often put a featured snippet box of text above all of the results in the search. Appearing in a featured snippet can greatly increase traffic to your website. Plus, it also has the potential to introduce new customers that otherwise would not have come across your business online.

3. Google will often rank websites that have good FAQ pages higher because you are focusing on helping your customers and target markets by answering their questions. Providing users with the content they are searching for is a must for Google as it will keep them coming back to use Google.

4. You can provide hyperlinks to your answers to other pages on your website that help to answer the question. For example, this might be a blog post that goes into more information about the question topic. Or it might be a question around a service offering that links through to a page that talks in more detail about what the offering provides. This keeps users moving through your website and increases the time they spend there which in turn helps in your websites ranking.


5 ways to create an effective FAQ page?

1. Make sure that you use questions that actually get asked by customers. To do this ask your team to provide input on the types of questions they get asked. Another good place to find questions that are often asked is via the email inquiry that comes through your website.

2. Use simple language when answering your questions and do not over complicate them. Also check you are using keywords that are likely to be used in searches.

3. Arrange the questions in topic groups so that it is easy for the user to navigate and find the answers they are looking for.

4. Include a search box if you have a lot of questions as this will help customers find what they're looking for more easily.

5. Consider using video to answer some of the questions if you can also images or diagrams can also be useful to help explain the answer.

***Bonus tip***

You can repurpose and adapt the FAQ content for social media

You could take the questions from your FAQ section and create content to share in your social media marketing. It can be a great time saver if you are able to repurpose content and use it across different platforms.

Heres an effective FAQ we recently created for a client. Check it out their FAQs Page.

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