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The Chook Farm

New branding and packaging to stand out from the rest of the flock

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The Chook Farm
Branding x Packaging
July 21, 2022

The family behind the Chook Farm relocated to Whangarei from the Hokianga during the 1950s, establishing roots in farming that have persisted through the decades. Their journey led them to initiate THE CHOOKFARM in 2004, prompted by the escalating demand for Free Range eggs within their region. Conscious of the profound connection between their land stewardship and the well-being of their livestock, as well as the quality of their produce, they remain dedicated to upholding high standards.

Their commitment to providing an optimal environment for their chooks is evident in their practices. From cultivating sheltering trees to creating a winter garden conducive to scratching and foraging, they prioritize ample space for their birds to freely move and express natural behaviours.

Beyond delivering premium-quality eggs to households across Northland, the Chook Farm places paramount importance on the welfare of their feathered residents. Regular independent audits conducted by Asure Quality ensure that they not only meet but surpass the regulatory benchmarks set for Free Range egg production in New Zealand.

The Challenge

Lee McGrath gave us a call one day with our most favourite kind of brief.

“I need some packaging design. Go wild!”

“Excellent!” we replied, and went to work.

To give some background: the brand had received interest from Countdown, a major supermarket chain, regarding the possibility of stocking The Chook Farm's free-range eggs. However, Countdown stipulated that the packaging required modernization. This presented a favourable opportunity for us to contribute our expertise.

The Solution

Having done quite extensive research, we used the following important insight as the base for our concept: Other free range egg brands that use ‘picture based’ design seem to disappear on shelf, whereas the brands that utilise simple, bold colours and design are most immediately visible.

Our design proposal, therefore, focused on solid colours, with bold stand-out type and graphics. Colours we looked at that work well in artificial light (and that also differ from competitors) were blues, greens and neutral colours, as well as a combination of rich, bright colours.

Our initial presentation included 3 concepts – a homely, more organic design; a conceptual direction; and, as always, an out-the-gate wildcard option. The Chook Farm has a strong connection with its land, with Northland, with its heritage and with its hens. We wanted the packaging to reflect this strongly, but subtly.

Our client loved all the designs, and had a really hard time choosing one, but after many around-the-table with family and colleagues, they landed on the homely direction, as they felt it best represented the free range element of the product.

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The Results

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The Chook Farm
The Chook Farm
The Chook Farm
The Chook Farm
The Chook Farm

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