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Fresh and Fun branding and website for Flip! Whangarei

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November 16, 2023

Welcome to the vibrant world of Flip, Northland's largest trampoline park! As a locally owned and operated business, Flip, formerly Flip Out, has undergone a transformative journey under family ownership, becoming a community hub that embodies the spirit of Northland. Beyond the trampolines, Flip's big ideas and plans for the future include exciting additions like a bouncy castle and slumber party hire, reflecting their innovative approach to entertainment. With a family-friendly atmosphere and a dedication to creating lasting memories, Flip is not just a trampoline park—it's a local gem bouncing toward a vibrant and exciting future.


When Chelsey and Brand assumed ownership of Flip, their initial challenge extended beyond mere rebranding; it involved disassociating from the original name and franchise, Flip Out. This transition demanded a meticulous and thorough transformation, encompassing changes to signage, website, and communication channels. Beyond the logistical complexities, the challenge was nuanced by the need to preserve brand recognition while establishing a new, unique identity. The weight of this undertaking lay not only in the execution of physical changes but also in navigating the delicate balance between familiarity and innovation.


Our strategic collaboration with Chelsey and Brand was pivotal in navigating the multifaceted challenge of rebranding. Drawing upon our expertise, we crafted a meticulous strategy that transcended the surface-level alterations. The decision to streamline the name to Flip was not just a semantic shift but a strategic move aimed at maintaining a semblance of recognizability while ushering in a more professional and clean-cut brand image. The cohesive Flip branding, featuring unique elements such as silhouettes of children jumping—personally designed from images of Chelsey and Brand's kids—adds a distinct touch and reinforces the family-friendly atmosphere. This strategic rebranding initiative extends seamlessly across signage, website, and all media, presenting a unified and professional image. The redesigned website, embodying the new brand, prioritises user-friendly functionality, ensuring seamless navigation, booking, and communication. Through this comprehensive strategy, Flip not only successfully navigated the rebranding challenge but also emerged as a standout player in Northland's entertainment landscape.

Client Testimonial

PDC have been amazing from day one. We have used them completely for our rebrand from FlipOut to Flip! We are blown away with the everything. I would highly recommend these guys and will continue to use them throughout our business owning journey.

Chelsey Sworn

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