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Gas & Tyre

To address Gas & Tyre's marketing challenges, PDC Creative became their strategic marketing partner.

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Gas & Tyre
Video x Photography x Marketing
December 6, 2023

Gas & Tyre, are your premier destination for top-notch tyre, gas and 4x4 services in Northland. With a legacy spanning over decades, Gas & Tyre has firmly established itself as a local institution with a presence across four strategically located facilities in Whangarei, Waipapa, Kaikohe, and Dargaville.

Renowned for our unwavering commitment to quality service, a welcoming atmosphere, and efficient problem-solving, Gas & Tyre stands as a trusted partner. Beyond being your go-to tyre and gas shop, they proudly serve as the leading ARB specialists and installers in Northland, catering to the discerning needs of 4x4 enthusiasts throughout the region.

Their long-standing presence in the community is a testament to their dedication to excellence, ensuring that every customer experiences the highest standards of service.  


Gas & Tyre faced a significant challenge as they navigated the competitive automotive industry without an in-house marketing professional for several years. Recognizing the need to enhance their marketing efforts, they sought an external team to manage all aspects of marketing, aiming to achieve their financial goals and establish a prominent presence in an oversaturated market.


To address Gas & Tyre's marketing challenges, PDC Creative became their strategic marketing partner, developing a comprehensive plan and a series of targeted marketing activities. Our approach involved customising a strategy that encompassed various elements, including video creation, communications and digital marketing. Working closely with Gas &Tyre on a month-by-month basis, our collaboration is dynamic, adapting to the evolving needs of the business.

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The Results

The results of our partnership have been impressive. In the first month alone, Gas & Tyre witnessed an increase in engaged users from an average of 32 engaged users to a monthly average of 1,300 engaged users on Facebook in the last 8 months.

Our lead-driven ads have proven highly effective, generating significant leads and interest. Resulting in a 420% increase in leads. With a Google Ads conversion rate of 28.02%. This data underscores the success of our collaborative efforts in not only meeting Gas & Tyre's marketing goals but surpassing them, elevating their brand presence and driving tangible business results.

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Gas & Tyre
Gas & Tyre
Gas & Tyre
Gas & Tyre
Gas & Tyre

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