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Intelligent Engineering

Intelligent Engineering faced several challenges in their quest to effectively showcase their business capabilities and streamline their internal processes

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Intelligent Engineering
Melbourne, Australia
Photography x Video
February 9, 2024

Intelligent Engineering is a leading manufacturer of high-quality caravan chassis in Melbourne, Australia. Their precision-engineered products, crafted from top-grade steel, ensure the safety and reliability of caravans. With innovative features like wheel independent suspension and a focus on strength engineering for tough terrains, they consistently exceed industry standards. Committed to quality, they are on track to become the first ISO 9001 certified chassis manufacturer in Australia, solidifying their reputation for excellence and reliability in the market.


Intelligent Engineering faced several challenges in their quest to effectively showcase their business capabilities and streamline their internal processes:

  1. Business Showcase Video: They required a comprehensive video to highlight their identity as a business and demonstrate their wide-ranging capabilities effectively.
  2. Induction Video: With one of their key staff members spending significant time conducting weekly induction classes, there was a need to create an induction video to save time and resources while ensuring consistent training for new employees.
  3. Education Videos: They also needed educational videos to illustrate their manufacturing processes and showcase the diverse range of products they produce.


 To address these challenges, Intelligent Engineering partnered with a PDC to create tailored solutions:

  1. Business Showcase Video: The production team worked closely with Intelligent Engineering to craft a captivating showcase video. This video highlighted the company's values, expertise, and the superior quality of their chassis manufacturing process. Utilizing advanced filming techniques and engaging visuals, the video effectively conveyed Intelligent Engineering's brand identity and market positioning.
  2. Induction Video: The production team developed a comprehensive induction video that covered all essential training topics previously delivered in the weekly sessions. This video not only saved time for the staff member conducting the training but also ensured consistency in the induction process for all new employees. Interactive elements were incorporated to enhance engagement and retention among viewers.
  3. Education Videos: Tailored educational videos were created to provide insights into Intelligent Engineering's manufacturing processes and showcase their range of products. These videos utilised a combination of on-site footage, and expert interviews to convey complex concepts in a clear and engaging manner. These videos served as valuable resources for both internal training and external marketing efforts.

Overall, the collaboration with PDC enabled Intelligent Engineering to effectively address their challenges, enhance their brand visibility, and optimise their internal training processes. By leveraging the power of visual storytelling, Intelligent Engineering successfully showcased their capabilities and expertise to their target audience, positioning themselves as industry leaders in the competitive market of caravan chassis manufacturing.

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Intelligent Engineering
Intelligent Engineering
Intelligent Engineering
Intelligent Engineering
Intelligent Engineering

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