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January 31, 2020

Tips on generating more traffic to your website.

In today’s marketplace your website should be one of your most powerful marketing tools.

One of the main reasons is that most consumers search online when they are looking for products or services. Many resources say that 93% of purchase decisions start with an online search.  That means if you do not have a website or your web site is performing badly you are only getting in front of 7% of your potential customers.

Below are some tips to get your website performing better...

Include video on your site

Video is quickly becoming one of the most important forms of content marketing. It humanises your business, connects directly with your target markets, increases ROI and it can improve how well your site ranks in searches. Google is increasingly prioritising websites with video content because consumers like it and google is all about optimising search results for the end user. Brands using video content to market their products and services can experience a sizable increase in traffic through web searches compared to others who don’t include video in.

Check your site’s speed to load

The speed that a page loads is a ranking factor in Google search results. Google has found that people want results quickly when they are browsing or conducting business online. If a page is slow to load it will often get abandoned. It’s a good idea to take a look at your site and compress any large images over 1MB in size. Contact us if you need help with this.

Here are 3 FREE options for reducing image size:

  • Use Tinypng to compress images for use on the web, the effect is nearly invisible but it makes a very large difference in file size.
  • Image Resize is fast, free and easy to use. Image resize, crop, compress, convert and basic image editing.  
  • Adobe photoshop express app is fast, powerful, and easy editing on mobile devices  

Make sure your Google My Business Listing is optimised

A Google My Business listing can be one of the most powerful tools for local SEO, and the good news is it is FREE and it links to your website. Google My Business (GMB) listings show up at the top of the first page of a search, which is important because most people will not go past Googles first page of search results. It is important that you make sure all the content categories are completed because an optimized Google My Business listing get around 7X more visits than an incomplete one.  

Incorporate email marketing in your mix

So often the focus is on trying to gain new customers that methods like email marking can be cast aside. Email marketing that has content that appeals and engages your customers can result in a notable increase of visitors to your website. Within the newsletter you can link to relevant content on your website where you can use Call To Actions (CTA’s) to direct customers to take a certain action. Some examples include view our work, project or case studies. Perhaps a sign up to receive specials, information on new products or claim a free trial.  

Another benefit to email marketing is that you can turn high performing emails into content for your site which in turn helps with ranking.  

Include blogs on your site

Google want to provide its users with up to date content that engages. And because of this posting regular blogs that contain fresh and relevant content can make a huge difference to the amount of traffic that visit your site.

Providing users with the content they are searching for is a must for Google as it will keep them coming back to use Google. Googles users want up to date content that is relevant and engaging. Because of this posting regular blogs that contain fresh and relevant content can make a huge difference to the amount of traffic that visit your site.

Getting a website is just the beginning. You need to make sure that your website is ranking well in searches and that it is generating the right traffic. And once that traffic hits your site you want to ensure that they are converting to leads. Is your website underperforming? Feel free to contact us.

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