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May 14, 2024

ReSport exists to remove barriers to participation for individuals, whānau and community groups to engage in quality sporting experiences, by reducing financial barriers and providing support through community engagement, whilst caring for our environment at the same time in Te Tai Tokerau.

ReSport was founded by JP Dignon and Joey Yovich in 2021 on their way to support a local charity fundraising event held in the Bay of Islands.
Both JP and Joey are passionate Northlanders who come from humble beginnings. They are philanthropists, social entrepreneurs, and transformational leaders in their capacities.

For more than 17 years, this powerful sports-centric duo have given significant amounts of time, resources and heart to local communities and various charities across Northland.


When ReSport approached PDC Creative, they were in the early stages of their journey, with a compelling idea to enhance sports accessibility in Northland. However, they lacked the necessary branding, digital presence, and strategy to bring their vision to life. ReSport needed comprehensive support to transform their concept into a tangible reality that would resonate with the local community.


Through collaborative efforts, PDC Creative and ReSport developed a strategy focused on creating a brand that authentically represented the values and aspirations of the charity. The key components of the strategy included:

Brand Development: Together, we crafted a brand identity that spoke directly to the audience in Northland. The logo, featuring a stylised Koru pattern and a sports ball housing a figure and helping hands, symbolising growth, new beginnings, and the empowerment of whānau to overcome barriers to sports participation.

Website Development: Recognising the importance of digital presence, we designed and developed a user-friendly website. This platform served as the primary destination for individuals seeking information about ReSport and those interested in supporting their cause. The website effectively communicated the organisation's mission, values, and impact in a clear and engaging manner.

Marketing Collateral: We extended the branding across various promotional items, including Patakas (large bins for collecting sports gear) and other marketing materials. Each element of the collateral reflected the relatable and approachable nature of the brand, ensuring consistency in messaging and visual identity.

By implementing this comprehensive strategy, ReSport was able to establish a strong foundation for growth and community engagement. The cohesive branding, impactful website, and compelling marketing materials effectively communicated the charity's mission and inspired support from individuals and organisations across Northland. Together, PDC Creative and ReSport successfully transformed an idea into a reality, making significant strides towards removing barriers to sports participation and fostering inclusivity in the community.

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